We branded and launched TRAINING WITH SHEKITA D, which now serves as home base for an intuitive fitness experience including personal training, holistic nutrition, and yoga instruction.

Shekita D. needed a platform to support her physical and online clients, support her administratively as a one-woman show, and articulate her uniquely intuitive approach to holistic health and fitness. We were able to repurpose existing content from her Instagram in order to create an animated header that communicates her raw strength and skill to potential clients.

Training with Shekita D. is not your typical “I lost weight so now I’m a trainer” trainer. She has spent years learning the body, studying nutrition, leading yoga journeys, and refining her intuitive approach to fitness. We wanted to present this distinction and acquaint her audience with the level of knowledge she brings to the table through an extended talk previously shared on her YouTube Channel. One thing we value is making the most of what you already have. Instead of giving clients mountains of homework to curate content, we spend time doing our research, digging through social media, and repurposing existing media to provide a digital experience your audience will remember.